Stitchinc has been conceived and designed with the sole intention of offering effortless and chic style for women and men. We give life to fresh and aspirational clothing meant for everybody who wish to add style and class to their wardrobe. Fashion is a very generic term; style is more personal and that is what we emphasise through our brand. So if you have it, you flaunt it! The brand features eccentric mix of style, subtlety, class and finer detailing which is our forte.

At Stitchinc, we aim to offer stylish and affordable fashion with unique touches we bring to our collection, an element that will help us standout from the rest of the pret wear.The idea is to bring fresh and popular fashion to you with awesome designs at the heart of everything we create. Almost all of our products are exclusively designed in-house with an efficient team handling designing and detailing. We hardly identify our products as sale pieces, but more of chic artistic opus that says that you have arrived – as subtly as possible. We are proud that we can deliver fabulous new fashion in-store and online for you every single day. Our customers can always rely on us for great casual looks.

We hope to proudly put Stichinc as a must have in everyone’s wardrobe, needless to say to be as effortless as one can !